Visionary Paintings

Ann Erpino Fine Art
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"I'm a big admirer of the mystery of your paintings and their darkness and promise of eternal salvation somewhere in the dark." - Monserrat Fontes, author


    Dreams, travel, science and ideas all influence my art. I’m inspired by the beauty of nature, and by nature’s power to continuously, eternally change everything through physical and energetic forces, through geological cycles, growth, decay, and habitat renewal. My paintings are homages to impermanence, and to our interconnection with each other, with all life, and the world we live in. We’re united by ecosystems, food chains, and social constructs, as well as by subtle energies and algorithmic waves and cycles. From the molecular level, to the cellular, and galactic, we exist amid vast oceans of interference patterns and harmonies.
     While scientists and mathematicians seek a Unified Field Theory which will encompass and describe the forces we know, we can also approach, perhaps more sensibly, a comprehensive understanding of our universe through visualization. The void considered one way is host to a continuous web of vibrational activity, while considered another way it is a vast emptiness containing separate tiny particles. Either way, it is all one thing, and it permeates all things.