Programming Molecular Apps, Caltech E&S Magazine, Marcus Y. Woo – Winter 2011

Berets in Space, L.A. Citizen, by Saskia Vogel – Nov, 2007

Surrealist Recluses Drawn Out – Two Painter’s-eye views of Superreality, Chico News & Review, Dan Cohen –Aug, 2000

What’s Happening on Alberta – Surrealism, by Ann Erpino Mar, 2001

Does This Look Like Atomic Force Microscopy to You? Ted Meyer – Coagula Art Journal #85

I Don’t Trust Galleries, L.A. Citizen – by Saskia Vogel – Aug, 2008

Melting Pot of Creative Works, La Cañada Valley Sun, Lynn Duvall – May 2005

Walking the Artwalk, The Topanga Messenger, N.G. Kent – November, 2005

Dreamscapes of Local Artist Ann Erpino, Chico Enterprise Record, Stephanie Bird – May, 1999

​​Awards. Honors

Invited Artist. - enTANGLEments exhibition - 2 Artists and 2 Scientists  - Trunk Gallery, Venice, CA

Los Angeles Open Call Award, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Associates

Los Angeles Downtown Artists' Project - Project Grant

​Planet Green International - Fine Art Project Development Grant

Art Contest Judge -  Childrens' Drawing Competition - Barnes and Noble, Chico CA.

​​Peoples' Choice Award - Best Artist - Juried International Art Competition, A Taste of Chico

​Muralist Sponsorship/Residency - The Pathfinder Mural - Pathfinder Publishing, N.Y, NY - 1988, 89

   Northern California’s variety of beautiful landscapes influenced the early paintings of Ann Erpino. While earning an Art degree at U.C. Berkeley Ann began to deliberately think in visual terms - toward metaphor - in order to use painting as a tool of communication. She studied languages, math, and physics, and has continued to study cosmology and quantum theory independently, often visualizing their hidden qualities.

   Ann has painted over 100 commissioned works for scientists, translating their research and theories into imagery. Her travels to otherworldly landscapes, seascapes, ruins, and natural wonders inform her compositions, as do dreaming, reading, energy awareness, and meditation.

Before dedicating herself to painting full time, Ann worked as a muralist, portraitist, art teacher, and scenographic artist. Her art has been featured in galleries, films, publications, theater, tv, the Chico Museum, and at Caltech's Winfree Laboratory (ongoing). Her prints and award winning paintings belong to collectors worldwide.

Film, TV, Theater

Long Distance Revolutionary – A Journey with Mumia Abu Jamal – Street Legal Cinema

​Featured Artist 
– The Creative Spirit - Procam Productions 

​Oneironauts -
Explorers of the Lucid Dream World - Bulb Media Productions

On the Edge  - Napa TV - Interview with Doris Gentry 

Vocal Canvas  - Scenographic Artist