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​   In a dream I came upon this scene while escaping from a prison camp through the woods. Uphill among the trees women were working in sweatshops. Downhill was the prison.

a very fleeting vision


18" x 24"

oil on canvas

   While transitioning into REM sleep, part of my mind was conscious as another part was beginning to dream, so I watched hypnagogic images coalescing from flashes of light and colorful swirls, changing into representational forms.

During sleep, neural activity becomes markedly different from when you’re awake. Isolated from the outside world, the brain slips into a progression of rhythmic modes, and waves of activity sweep across brain structures. As you wake, these rhythms don’t disappear, but they reorganize.

orphan's sanctuary

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dream's end

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​   In a lucid dream this tree fern was modeling for me, changing poses with its fronds upon my telepathic cue. I was memorizing its poses to paint later, then I cued to it to change its fronds into feathers. It started to do so, but just then some pedestrians entered the scene and the tree fern, protective of its magical powers, ceased to mutate its fronds into feathers.

I didn't remember the rest of the dream, just this hypnopompic image right before waking up.

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Oil on Canvas

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shy telepathic treefern model

flower of a half dream

delta waves

​   During the delta waves of deep, dreamless sleep we're completely unconscious of any feelings, thoughts or emotions, or of our surroundings. This spiritually elusive time, while mentally and emotionally protective and calm, also renders us more physically vulnerable than at any other time.


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